Ducks and Flowers

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

France !!  We did it -  we flew to France forty years after our first trip !  Now there were movies to watch on the plane and Jeremy a travelling companion with Jay as we left him with my folks on our first trip as he was 7 months old !  We were hoping to see Molly, Matt and Jonah 5 in Toulouse !

Jay drove 4000 km in a Peugot rent a car with Jeremy navigating --  we travelled to Chartres the first day after arriving and after a drive into the hapeart of Paris to get to the Musee D'Orsay for the first time - the big train station clock was amazing along with the huge collection of Impressionistic art !

Little did we know a man wielding a machete at a guard at the Louvre across the way had just happened when we arrived in the congested traffic ahead of this -  the main parking lot in downtown Paris was closed with police on horses and lots of security but we did not know what causing the traffic snarl till the next morning on the TV eating breakfast in Bois !

We enjoyed the Chartres cathedral in the rain after Paris even though we were jet lagged -  we fell into bed with amazing memories on our first day in France !    We had nine or ten to go with meeting the kids in Toulouse the next day in the country !    Hope I can share more on the trip - a lasting memory was seeing the windmill painting by Monet and seeing Sacre C'oeur Cathedral on the hill near Montmartre in the distance north in Paris through the huge clock window in Musee D'Orsay plus the Rose windows at Chartres Cathefral and a great city center with our umbrellas !   ❤️