Ducks and Flowers

Monday, March 12, 2007


The ice is melting away in Nebraska and giving the geese lots more water to swim and play. They look like penguins standing on the ice left as it gets thinner and finally melts away. The sound of geese talking at night puts us to sleep at night and wakes us up. A few eagles float in the sky disrupting all the geese as they fly away from the eagle they have spotted as well.

Mallard ducks are swimming free again just as our inner spirits start to lift again through springtime and stories of a new season, new plantings, new seeds, new journeys and HOPE in people's lives around us. The Sandhill cranes have returned to the Platte River nearby again heralding spring in their ancient mating dances, eating in the fields to fatten up for their journey just as we renew for ours.

Now people try to find a time to go view the cranes at sunrise and sunset as they make they sing the song they have sung here in the shallow waters for centuries. They come to roost in the marshy river at sunset as a spectacle to behold. We are once again reminded of the earth coming alive, the sacredness of spr and all of our sacred stories to share including living with the cranes nearby in spring!

People come from all over the world to see this spiritual dance each year of the cranes. After loading up Jeremy's things on a truck that is heading to Pennsylvania now, hearing many stories of ice storms and snowstorms, frozen pipes bursting in town on shopping trips for lamps, crazy stories galore of WINTER, we now are witnesses to changing times with the birds swimming free on the lake like our spirits. We know it is time for Spring Break or Spring thoughts and heading WEST to Colorado and California!

NOTE: You can usually see the cranes by day at the CRANE CAM. Just go to or just google: crane cam nebraska. Best results are at sunset and sunrise in Nebraska!