Ducks and Flowers

Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring has finally sprung : After flu bug wakeup call

Spring is finally springing inside our house after a month of flu bugs and wake up calls at our house! A month tonight my dear husband came down with the flu and the last four weeks have been a roller coaster ride inside our house and trips to the doc, finding out he has diabetes and more flu bug, achiness, heating pads and rest!

We have in a week learned about Carb choices and tried to figure out bacterial infection vs viral infection, gone to learn about how to monitor diabetes and tried to figure out how this can last four weeks with muscle spasms settling in joints, hips and lower back for five days last weekend yet one more time so that my husband could hardly walk missing work once again!

Now we are hopefully on the mend after ONE LONG MONTH and we have both come to realize a new appreciation for life, health, no achey bones, no stomach flu,being able to work a full day instead of THREE GOOD HOURS off and on and then relapses again from a tired body.

So once again the Daffodils are blooming, they have come up and bloomed and tulips are now here as we yearn for time outdoors again! Our poor yard has been ignored even as all the neighbors charged up their mowers already. Our poor deck yearns for washing and more stain and my landscaping ideas for more cedar chips are still just plans.

So we can hope that the daffodils, plants and flowers are beckoning us to health once again inside and ourside our house ---- time to realize we really all do need each other, we all need to ask for help when we need it as wakeup calls have been sirening here for a long month that went fast! Everything else has been ignored around us ---- and now it is time to keep counting carb choices in food with learning more about taking care of ourselves again!

Time to hit the hay so I can mow the lawn for the first time this spring (fun fun) as I don't want my husband doing that with his sore hip and lower back from the flu bug and crud. I am hoping it feels a little bit like yoga and gardening somehow! Time to enjoy spring, plants, new life around us and the greening of nature.

It is time to get outdoors and leave the inside of our house we have inhabited this whole month together with flu and more ---- to enjoy the spring in NE and maybe time to add some new garden spots to our lawn area and our funky garden spots still wearing winter leaves. Time to dream of turning our yard into food, getting out the garden chairs, lawn chairs and enjoying the fresh rhubarb growing away!

And time to go looking for flowers in the yard tomorrow too! I hope you can do the same wherever you live! I hope the healing has begun and time for the joy of spring days! Maybe it seems more joyful since we have been inside with flu bugs all month along with Easter on each side of the flu bugs, discovering diabetes and many wakeup calls with health! Yeah spring!

PS thanks everyone for cards, emails, calls, thoughts, prayers, plants, food, patience at work, folks who are in the health field, a break for me last week to the Cather Conference and a guest room next door to our bedroom so we can keep from getting the same bugS and driving each other buggy!