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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sleeping like a baby!

Since the last Blog of the rocking chair -- a new baby has entered our life and hearts (as only babies can do!)

Jonah is demonstrating here at two weeks of age -- how you sleep through lots of noise, music, movies, videos, talking and laughter, garbage disposals whizzing -- like only babies can do!

Babies are also great at sleeping anywhere : on shoulders, on couches, on floors in cradles and just being held -

I remember a summer in Fargo, NE when I was a seventh grader - when my job each day was to get my sister to sleep for an afternoon nap (she was nine years younger and still is) - sometimes this meant sleeping with her till she feel asleep! That was one great summer!

Meeting Jonah a week after he was born -- and once again witnessing the ease with which babies sleep anywhere, anytime - I am hoping to try to do more naps and sleeping like a baby this summer!

His parents are thrilled he has even mastered sleeping for seven hours or more already so they can get sleep once again all through the night!

Babies truly have this sleeping gig down right -- and too many of us are sleep deprived from computers, work, Facebook, reading books, watching movies and doing projects!

I hope you will join me in trying to sleep like babies do this summer -- take more summer naps -and thanks Jonah for teaching me again how to make life better - as only babies and children of all ages can do!