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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Curious George is back!

I love the idea that some of our books from raising the kids are coming back and being revisited through our grandchild again!  

Curious George is one of them!   He is a long time favorite in our house!

I found a hard page book about Curious George last spring and now it has landed in the hands of our grand to read and enjoy with his folks, with us and others. It was a book we read on the trip to Tampa in the spring over and over.

The new feature of this book is that it has things you touch and feel --  textures!   There are the pink flamingos in the water and a fuzzy panda bear at the zoo!   The adventure this time is the zoo!

Curious George also showed up at Halloween this October and here is the pic of our kids and grand as he was curious george and his dad was the Man with the yellow hat made from dying clothes and find that giant yellow hat!  

Our daughter was an Olympian for Halloween with the muscles of Atlas with the man in the yellow hat.  It takes lots of muscles to hold up Curious George these days!   He is walking and talking more each day and climbing onto chairs like a monkey.

More stories are coming about Curious George in the days ahead so be watching! 

We even have a Curious George stuffed animal around here somewhere to find and recycle again for a certain little boy almost two after the holidays!    I think we have some books to find too!

May you have a Curious George day with some Man in the Yellow hat days of fun with the strength of an Olympian!


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