Ducks and Flowers

Friday, July 24, 2009

our view after 40 years!

This is the view we had all week in Colorado when we met the kids for our 40th wedding anniversary!

It was our second Anniversary Roadtrip in early July following our week in MO and KS on our real anniversary date June 28 (l969 to 2009).

Before that we had visited my sister and bro in law in MO, visited the Tall Grass Prairie with wild flowers and expanses with the land and sky!

Thanks Gary and Linda for all the fun times -- adventures having mashed potatoes and chicken in a small town nearby, great food and dessert cooked by Linda, your amazing deck and even a fire on a cool night to our astonishment, gary's art studio and adventures to KS and tall grasses~ I was remembering that Linda was 12 years old when we got married -- and she was a bridesmaid at our wedding thankfully!

(those white dinner jackets looked really rad too and horned rimmed glasses on the skinny groom!)

We also visited Lindsborg, KS a great Swedish town and settlement near Salina on our way home and two B and B's along the way! (also the Museum of Grassroots Art in Lucas, KS which was way more fun than we expected.. thanks jeremy for the tip off!)

We found out that most of the artists for this museum started in their sixties so it is not too late for me again!

Back to the view : What a grand view of the mountains we had from the HIGH DRIVE in Estes Park at the height of the visitor season there -- with views of Longs peak and other peaks from the home the kids rented all week! (thanks tons for doing this by the way!!)

We enjoyed cooking, hiking, talking, reading, exploring Estes Park, sleeping, driving Trail Ridge road for the bazillionth time and mostly renewing our spirits!

We also enjoyed our new three ring -- Anniversary Notebook that the kids put together with good wishes and fun memories from many of you! What a surprise~! Thanks for the photos, the memories and all of you who help keep us sane, supported and loved!

Thanks everyone -- for all of our friends on our journey of life and marriage together! I still cannot believe it is forty years! I should be really old by now right?

We are hoping for more years of adventures and we do love those CO mtns and the cool temps, low humidity, native grasses around houses-- and wild flowers everywhere we went!

Oh yes, the kids took much longer hikes than we did but the mountains were in their glory all week looking down on US! And what a gift Rocky Mountain National Park is to all of us!

Thanks to everyone for making this a time to remember with the mountain VIEWS all around us and a reminder of the gifts we are all given each day! I have a more postings and photos from the trips so be watching!