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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy Grand Island : Save the middle class

It is time for the holidays but our thoughts are on our Economy, People out of work and making a better world for our children and grands!

Here are two of the forty people brave folks who joined me on a cold and windy day in Grand Island NE this fall to speak out for people who work and have worked all of our lives as teachers, pastors, judges, and farmers - the 99% who we need to care about again.

Two women that day are holding their homemade sign : SAVE the middle class!

We walked to a nearby Wells Fargo bank with our signs and chanted as people were going in and out of the bank - we also walked to Adrian Smith's office to deliver a petition - we are asking for congress to wake up and support the middle class, those in poverty, and workers in the USA. It is time to tax the wealthy like we have in the past.

Join me in visiting with your neighbors, friends, co workers to keep the discussion alive for the 99% and the Occupy Movement this winter -- as we welcome the shepherds into our towns and churches - they had no access just like many do not have access today - help us to welcome the baby into our lives -- even as Joseph and mary had to flee to Egypt.

Let's all raise our voices to advocate for the 99% or maybe it is the 99.9%!


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