Ducks and Flowers

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ducks on the Deck : coming home

After returning from Colorado and California for our own SPRING BREAK this March, we discovered that the ducks were welcoming us home! It was great to be welcomed home by DUCKS ON THE DECK as they don't often come this close to our house. I guess they knew we had returned HOME somehow and it was a welcome sight on our deck!

Seeing the two ducks also jolted my memory that it was also time for a visit to the Platte River area to see other birds in the area now -- the Sandhill cranes. Each month of March they grace Nebraska's marshy Platte River along a 100 mile stretch of river -- eating, mating, dancing and roosting in the Platte River all night to avoid predators. It reminded me that spring is here and along with it an urgency to see the cranes before they fly away early April usually! The ducks on the deck reminded me of seeing other birds and visiting the cranes at sunset soon. In our haste of heading WEST, we had forgotten to experience the cranes in the fields and hear them come in for the night which is a daily prehistoric phenomenon while they visit (or sunrise if you can get roosted out yourself in time!)

We also have many new images in our minds now of a few days of spring in Colorado near Evergreen, one overnight in Estes Park "rocky mountain high" sunshine plus a few days in balmy California with friends and family. Be watching and I will reflect on a few of those visual images of Spring Break as EASTER approaches!