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Monday, September 03, 2012

LETTING GO : of our Large Teddy Bear

I have been trying to LET GO of a few things which is tough for me as I am a packrat being an old art teacher and scrounging for art supplies in college and in various art teaching classrooms that were sadly lacking art paper, paint and more!  I have also inherited my packrat tendencies from my folks!

A month ago I decided to take THREE things to the new local Consignment shop and one of these things was a 56 inch bear that someone left at our place.   They left it behind for us as it would not fit on the plane after they purchased it.

We thought about keeping it for our grandson but it was taking up lots of space and needed a new home as we are into smaller teddy bears that can travel with a small child or adult more easily.

I gathered up the large teddy bear with two other LETTING GO items and proudly took them in to the shop called ROCKY MOUNTAIN REDO.  My husband nearly went into shock after I told him I was trying to get rid of a few things at a consign shop to start down sizing or sorting! 

I went in to check my consign items a few times this month and the Teddy Bear was sitting happily  on the western couch near the front widow once and then he disappeared along with the other items I took in!  I asked and they said the Teddy bear had sold for $40 but of course I will get part and the shop will get part of the income some day in the future.

I have not collected the $$ yet but I am sure it has a new home as a very large teddy bear!

Then to my surprise I saw what I think was the LARGE Teddy bear turning the corner downtown in the backseat of an SUV looking quite thrilled!  Boy I wish I had taken a photo of the bear going through the intersection and down Riverside Drive.  I don't know for sure it was our large teddy bear but it certainly looked like it sitting proudly in the back seat!

I will now imagine it to be enjoying the sights of the mountains now each day and riding around town!  I will see how the consigning goes and if I can LET GO OF MORE STUFF!