Ducks and Flowers

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

monoprints and time for summer!

Here are my two monoprints that were selected for the ANAC Art Conference in Fremont in June! I am off to get plexiglass for them now that is required. I am hoping to see the show going up June 9 if all goes well from a side trip in Lincoln for a day.

Tomorrow night is ART club and I will find out more. This is all a good change from the usual things I do. I created these monoprints in the Prairie Winds Art Gallery downtown Grand Island on a small printing press they have upstairs -- I did them with some friends about a year ago! One is named Earth Day and the other is named Spring Forever. I made a third one two that is a Rainbow Celebration.

Time for trips and summer! I fly out on Saturday for PA for a visit with our son teaching there in college. Better get moving to find plexiglass and summer breezes!