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Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping cool this summer -

One of the main things everyone is talking about this summer is the HEAT, Humidity and keeping cool~ climate change! We have to do something to keep our planet cooler as it is out of control -

I am guessing everyone has tried swimming at the pool, using less air conditioning and thinking snow!

My blog will be in honor of the good folks in Minot, ND this time as we pour lemonade with or without ice -

Here is a pic to help cool you off wherever you live - as we think of the disasters happening all summer from heat, snow and ice melting - and remembering folks in Niger who think seventy degrees is freezing as they wear knitted hats.

This pic is on Trail Ridge Road in Colorado and I hope it will help along with more water bottles to keep us cool and hydrated from Texas to Vermont, Nebraska to Missouri - and on the East coast, West coast, the South and North to Minot, ND - as we find some cool water and think of the four letter word - SNOW!

There is not much snow left in summer in too many places and our glaciers are all melting too fast in the mountains as we think of the rushing waters that flooded Minot, ND a month ago -

We could think N Dakota and snow - where I grew up as the winters there were long with snow piling all winter but with devastatings effects sometimes when all this snow melts - like in Minot with the floods on the Mouse or Souris River where i used to walk to play.

My Prayers go to those in Minot who are trying to figure out what to do about their homes and churches, business and more before the next snow flies!

The church my dad worked hard to build as the first pastor - in the early fifties (Faith UMC that was First EUB then) - and my first home there were likely both devastated by water this summer- the last I knew from news reports - It makes me sad to think about the losses to so many there.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers go to the good people of Minot ND as they try to find ways to rebuild their lives - before it snows again! They have way more challenges than we do keeping cool these days -

Keep cool everyone with all the challenges before us in Minot, ND - and all over our world!