Ducks and Flowers

Monday, October 25, 2010

Art, books, reading, what are you reading?

Well I would love to report I have read the book -- THE SHOCK DOCTRINE by Naomi Klein as I promised my son and myself this summer on my blog - but guess what? I have not! I am hoping it is my fall/winter CHALLENGE book and it is hopefully coming to the top of my book pile again!

I think we all make those promises and other things come along -- my book pile keeps growing! Does yours too? What books are in your pile if you did a drawing of the book pile today?

I have to confess I was sidetracked by the Reading Challenge for Hassan, a project of our Missions committee to support our Nigerian orphan for one year again.. his name is Hassan and he is about nine and both of his parents died of HIV AIDS, his twin brother died of Malaria and he came to the new UMC Nigerian orphange when he was five to live. That is his family now as he had been living with his grandma.

The last eight weeks we raised $90.97 on our first try at Trinity UMC reading books and pledging ourselves and others! I could have pledged $25 for ONE book THE SHOCK DOCTRINE in my possession by Naomi Klein - but instead in my mind I went for $2 per book and I read about ten books in August and September. What is it about that mentality?

At least it encouraged me to get reading again more which was my goal and I did succeed at that!
Talking about BOOKS in our lives - I am also very excited that our son has his first book published now too! What a joy for any parent!

It is entitled KNOWING GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTS and you can find it on! --
It is primarily a textbook for classrooms but I am hoping I can read it as well after I get a copy ordered.

He is the Editor of this book and that means writing the foreward, creating the whole Index (I was there for that part in May and I am not sure it would be my cup of tea but someone has to do them to help us find subjects in books).

This process of being Editor of a book has also included: writing one chapter, organizing the project, communicating with everyone writing the chapters, doing all the editing and helping figure out the intriguing colorful cover too!

I was able to see the book galley in May and I have never seen a real book galley before with the actual pages without cover and binding -- for final editting ----- we celebrate this book project with him! here I come!

NEWS on other books in my life:

I went to hear Author of THE SHACK Paul Young last night Lincoln with friends. It is a powerful book of his healing journey and it can be part of your healing journey too whatever it might be.

He wrote it as a gift for his children after eleven years of tough counselling and personal healing on his journey from shame guilt -- as a child growing up a missionaries son in a primitive culture. The images in the words of the book have resonated with many persons - even when it was originally 15 copy books as a gift to his children for christmas -- and a promise to his wife -It has turned into thousands of copies in many languages.

He is speaking at the conference this week in Lincoln - on SHAME and GUILT (one of the first they said) - at St Marks UMC and he was the heartfelt keynote speaker.

Sunday Oct 31 on Halloween day -- 10 am in Gollagher chapel - (bring your cup of coffee or tea) we will share about THE SHACK by Wm Paul Young at our church with our new FRIENDS for the JOURNEY -- art, movies, artists, going green, community groups, justice projects, missions, books and events for folks at our church Trinity UMC, Grand Island. Come join us Sunday to discuss, share and reflect!

An art thought/idea has entered my brain now too -- I would love to do a drawing this week of a pile of books with a cup of tea or coffee next to it. I would love to frame it and try to sell it at the Literacy Council Fundraiser dinner Art Auction Nov 4 in G Island.

We will see if my dream can become reality or at least a drawing by then. Get a ticket and go to the Dinner at Saddle club in Grand Island or find a Literacy council in your town or start up a tutoring / reading program for those wanting to read.

Join the support of Literacy councils where ever you live with the EACH ONE teach one approach to teaching reading -- and become a Volunteer to help someone learn to read! Get tickets in G Island this week for $25 and tell your friends. I will see if I can do this drawing or at least image a drawing in my mind for enjoyment!

For Nov and December our Friends for the JOURNEY book challenge is a NEW book by Don Messer on HIV AIDS (his 15th book)on HIV AIDS and his justice work entitled:
Names, Not Just Numbers. Sign up at the church so we can order enough books by Nov 15 and have them by Dec 14 for a get together at my house.

I have a few copies that I purchased for $14 each at Lighten the BURDEN III conference. See for tea in December at my house.

Cathy and I are thinking to explore the books of Bishop Spong then in January through March on your own or get together a few friends on your own to visit about one of his books. We hope you can find your own book this time. Then remember he is coming to Horizons of faith for their tenth anniversary end of march!

You can order a book of your choosing on your own this time -- by Bishop John Spong this time, or borrow, or find at the library etc. We will have a list of Bishop Spong books in the church offices by December or get started on your own.

Join us for Friends for the Journey book and events in November and December -- maybe we can do a POTPOURRI of books sometime and I can share SHOCK Doctrine by then!

I might need to rename my blog -- Ducks, flowers, books and art.. be watching!

I Love the ducks and changing seasons, rich colors this fall -- to give us inspirtation to do art and write books, see friends, build relationships, take walks, get together and share about our spiritual journey

Even if you have not read THE SHACK, come Sunday to see if you might want to read it!

Hopefully we can all find ways to recognize God working in our lives and the lives of others as we do outreach, read and share books, do missions in our daily lives, teach others how to read, work with children, and enjoy our families.

I am hoping I can do: ONE drawing this fall (I did FOUR small ones this summer), find some pics for a larger family geneology project for my dear relatives from Sweden, continue to enjoy art by friends in NE and CO, enjoy the mountains, lakes and plains, finish my poor little rug that is waiting, felt some wool, sew some stitched hearts on Blankets of LOVE for NAP kearney.

I need to think about making two baskets for Baskets of LOVE for our two HIV AIDS funds, travel to see friends and family, take time lunch with friends, time to talk to my dear husband and family ... time watching the ducks and water before winter -- a few more flowers before frost, watch a movie or two, read some books and pile a few too!

TIME for me to find some paper and pen for a drawing in my mind or on paper .. after soaking in the intensity of three enlightening conferences, movies and hearing the author in the last two weeks: Lighten the burden III on HIV AIDS -- UMC in dallas, (thanks bill for going with me and driving), Multicultural Conference in Grand Island, the movie THE 800 mile wall by John Carlos Frey very moving, Inspiring Communities Conference at Hastings College and Paul Young author last night! I need some time to ponder a bit!

Now time to rest and let it all soak in -- and see where the energy from honest spirituality at these events takes me along with the ducks, flowers, art, books and friends in my life~