Ducks and Flowers

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

sunflowers for molly's birthday

Here are two sunflowers to wish Molly a Happy Birthday! She turns THIRTY today and we wish her "sunflowers of happiness" from Nebraska. The sunflowers are thick and growing everywhere in the ditches this year. This photo was taken north of Grand Island in Nebraska on my trip to ND in August.

In the SANDHILLS north of Grand Island, Jeremy and I stopped to have a picnic in a deserted roadside place. I found these sunflowers to photograph and they go to you today with warm wishes on your birthday!

We are glad that you can celebrate your birthday with Matt this year too! I am heading to town to get some new acrylic paints so I can put some sunflowers on our mailbox. Dad has just repainted it so it needs some sunflowers on it with our address.

We hope you have a GREAT day and WEEK of celebrating! We are hoping to ENJOY the day here in Nebraska to celebrate when you were born. It was a really good day for us! Have a SUNFLOWER DAY from Nebraska everyone and especially molly!